One of my dreams is to see widows that are a bit further down the road reach out a hand to encourage the ones whose worlds have been turned upside down by loss. 


Widow 2 widow christmas boxes

As a widow, I know that the first holiday season in particular can be very daunting and hard to navigate. I personally felt very alone, forgotten even. I felt the loss of my spouse even more acutely at the time of year when everyone is celebrating. The following year, an idea for a project was born. Myself, along with some fellow widows as well as some compassionate friends, decided to gather names and send out surprise gift boxes to people who had lost their spouse and would be walking through their first Christmas as a widow(er) to let them know they were remembered during this time of year especially. It went so well, we continued with this project in 2016 and sent out more than twice as many gift boxes. Additionally, other widows in different locales around the country started their own Widow 2 Widow projects. That is my hope - that this project will grow and grow.

If you are interested in getting a Widow 2 Widow Project started in your area, please contact us using the form below for resources and information. 



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